jueves, enero 27, 2005

Python On Rails ?

Parece que a algunos del python side les gustó RoR y están copiándolo

La parodia del logo esta muy buena:

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Rails is cool and all but...

So I read the Rolling with Ruby on Rails on onLamp.com. It was a very nice tutorial on Rails, but it really got me fired up about Trails. I think Ruby still has some maturing to do until it catches Java, and until that happens and we all switch to Ruby I think there is a lot Java can learn. Java is fast gaining a reputation as an unwieldy behemoth, and if you follow the J2EE blueprints to the letter, it is absolutely deserved. But it doesn‘t have to be this way! Everything you can do in Rails you can do in Trails, albeit slightly differently. I would even argue Trails is better in some ways, for instance Trails will automagically take care of relationship UIs, whereas in Rails you need a custom page. Not to slam Rails at all, but I really think it is time to get the word out about Trails and get more people involved. Java development doesn‘t have to suck!

So it‘s time for me to get moving. I played with Windoze Media Encoder since I‘m relegated to that platform for now, and it looks super easy to record screencap videos. I plan to do a screencap video of building the Recipe app from the article in Trails. I think I can keep it under 10 minutes. Stay tuned!


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